Flatbed Services

The majority of the shipments we handle are flatbed related. Whether you looking for open flats, conestoga trailers, side-kitted trailers, or step-deck trailers, contact us today for all your flatbed needs!

Dry Van Services

This segment in recent years has become our quickest growing sector. We are currently building up our dry van customer base and are excited about future endeavors in this market.

Specialty Equipment Services

We provide transportation services for permitted shipments and those requiring special equipment such as stretch-trailers, RGN’s, and lowboys.

Local Services

We provide flat rates and transportation services for distances that range from across town moves to those upwards of 100 miles. Contact us today for your short haul needs.

Regional Services

We provide transportation services for many tri-state regions throughout the U.S. Regionally speaking, we are strongest in the Eastern half of the U.S. (e.g., PA, DE, and NJ). Contact us today for your regional shipping needs.

Over-the-Road Services

We have an accomplished track record of providing long haul transportation services. Whether it be an 800 mile shipment, or one that ranges from coast to coast, contact us today to see how we stack up against the competition for your over-the-road needs.


Pittsburgh Dispatch Service, Inc. is a family owned and operated transportation business which was founded in 1993. We are committed to providing ethical, reliable, and fair logistical services for both our shippers and our carriers. If you’re a shipper looking for solutions to your transportation needs, be it freight rates or help securing trucks for difficult shipping lanes, why not give us a try? And if you’re a carrier looking for profitable loads coupled with a trustworthy freight source, why not give us a try? No matter which side of the coin you’re on, we promise you won’t be disappointed!


    We look forward to working with you!