Pittsburgh Dispatch Service, Inc. (PDS) is a family owned and operated transportation business which was founded in 1993 by Louis J. Sellman in the suburbs of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. After many years of working in the transportation industry for several different shipping and trucking firms, Louis decided to create PDS as a “sales agent”, working as a non-traditional middleman in the realm of logistics. The business operated in this fashion until 2015 when current owner and son, Raymond D. Sellman, molded PDS into a traditional freight brokerage. This transition in the firm’s business structure has brought about exponential growth in both overall sales and the total number of annual shipments procured. By and large PDS arranges the shipment of goods for flatbed trailers, however we are not limited to this type of equipment as we also secure shipments for step-decks, RGN’s, stretch trailers, and vans just to name a few. We are always open to servicing any type of equipment and/or shipment (truck loads, partials, oversize, etc.). Likewise, we provide logistical services for a wide geographical area consisting of the continental US and Canada.

There have been many different people (both family and nonfamily) that have worked for PDS throughout the past 25 plus years, but one thing has always remained constant, our commitment to providing ethical, reliable, and fair logistical services for both our shippers and our carriers. If you’re a shipper looking for solutions to your transportation needs, be it freight rates or help securing trucks for difficult shipping lanes, why not give us a try? And if you’re a carrier looking for profitable loads coupled with a trustworthy freight source, why not give us a try? No matter which side of the coin you’re on, we promise you won’t be disappointed!