Why choose PDS for your shipping needs? With over 2,000 carriers to choose from we have a wide range of carriers that we network with so as to provide you the customer with quick turnaround times on your shipments. We understand the importance of timely deliveries in the on-demand economy we live in today, and our large pool of carriers helps us to meet the demands of your customers. We also follow up with our carriers to confirm that what we contracted them to do is actually being executed accordingly, therefore allowing you to rest assured your shipment is being handled properly. Our dedication to providing quality service may be our best asset but is not the only facet of our business that makes us attractive as a solution to your shipping needs. We strive to improve your bottom line by supplying competitive freight rates, rates that will allow your company to save money without sacrificing the service you’ve come to expect from a motor carrier or freight broker. We are able to accomplish this by minimalizing our margin as the middleman. We handle nearly 6,000 shipments a year, building our business on volume and not by overcharging on each and every order we arrange. So when you select PDS to handle your shipments you can rest easy knowing that your freight will be delivered on time and at a reasonable price!

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