Why choose PDS for your freight needs? With a wide customer base we have a vast supply of freight to pull from, shipping nearly 6,000 loads per year. We offer the best freight rates possible up front on each and every shipment we handle by taking modest margins for the services we provide. This approach allows carriers to maximize their profits while creating a no-haggle, easy load booking experience. When you a book a load through us our job doesn’t end with the actual booking itself. We are there to follow up and provide assistance with any questions you might have regarding the details of your order, as well as resolve any conflicts or issues that may arise along the way. Last, but certainly not least, we understand the importance of cash flow in today’s business world. Our standard days to pay for all freight bills are 21 days upon receipt of all necessary documentation. We offer both standard payment by mail, as well as online ACH payments which help speed up the payment process. Should you require even faster payment, we offer a quick payment option guaranteeing payment within 3 business days upon receipt of all required documentation. When you book with PDS you are sure to have a full service experience!

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